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Company Information

Planning a skincare product that can create synergy so that VIVAVNOL can keep our beauty routine without difficulty anywhere in our daily lives
This is a special raw material mixing recipe for VIVAVNOL that makes it easy to use cosmetics. It is a product for consumers who are interested in clean-beauty and want to protect their skin health with a beauty routine.

Product Information

Hyaluronic acid Moisture Toner pad

Provides immediate moisture supply with hyaluronic acid and
sea thermal water contains patented anti-oxidant ingredient ‘Vegestop’.
A toner pad that manages the moisture balance
even with just one sheet Eco-friendly certified, vegan certified,
and Rohas certified fabric pad.

Cicatus Calming Ampoule

More than 4 times stronger skin soothing effect
Contains 80% Centella Asiatica and Cactus extracts
Contains 4 effective Centella Asiatica compounds
(Asiatic acid, Asiaticoside, Madecassic acid, Madecassoside)
Contains over 90% skin-effective ingredient extracts for strong
moisturizing and skin-soothing ampoule 14-day skin management
for skin soothing.

Lactobacillus Cleansing Mask Bar

30-second cleansing method!
Our cleansing bar provides a refreshing and moisturizing
cleanse that leaves your skin feeling hydrated even after rinsing.
Infused with lactobacillus ingredients naturally-derived extracts,
our cleansing bar effectively removes impurities and
deeply cleanses your skin.
Formulated with natural extracts such as mugwort and grapefruit seed,
Soothes and cares for your skin.
refreshing and moisturizing probiotic cleansing bar
that redefines skincare. It can be used for both body and face.
(Bubble mesh included with every purchase).



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