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Phone Number: 648059887

Email: unijeju@naver.com

Webpage: https://dailish.co.kr/


Company Information

Dailish Cosmetics is a brand that contains the philosophy of UNIJEJU. CO. LTD., which values top priority beauty based on natural resources. It researched/developed Jeju’s unique natural materials to produce anti-aging and functional cosmetics, and currently exports to more than 10 countries.


Product Information

DAILISH Mayu Fresh Set

It is a cosmetic that contains collagen and mayu ingredients, which provide moisture and nutrition to rough skin. It helps to make skin smooth and shiny by adding moisture.
It is a product that has completed the skin irritation test and the skin calming efficacy evaluation test.


DAILISH Homme Halla Set

It is a male cosmetic that takes care of moist and soft skin without being greasy and sticky. It is a product that helps to calm and hydrate skin. It improves skin elasticity with the dual function of wrinkle and whitening care. It takes care of dead skin cells, sebum, and roughness at once


DAILISH Secret Volume breast Cream

It’s a Secret volume bust cream that lifts the chest, improves elasticity, and moisturizes with a soft texture.
It contains Anemarrhena Asphodeloides Root Extract that helps strengthen skin elasticity and Agaricus blazei Murrill Extract with Dailish’s R&D technology.
It is a product that has completed clinical trials for chest lifting and elasticity improvement.


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