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CEO name: Rachel Lee

Phone Number: +821087587692

Email: info@trad-ex.co.kr

Webpage: http://danique.co.kr

Company Information

Trad-Ex Co.,Ltd. is the company that produce best beauty & health products
including cosmetic & medical devices.
Based on over 18 years experience in medical beauty field,
We create the most powerful and beautiful functional cosmetics and introduce them to the Skin-care professional market.
We always focus on “Making good anti-aging cosmetics with excellent ingredients”

Product Information

DANIQUE UV Defense Tinted Sunscreen SPF50+PA++++
Sheer, universal tint adaptable to all skin tones boosts radiance for a more even, luminous complexion. Appropriate for all skin types. Broda Spectrum (UVA/UVB) Sunscreen.
+ Provides skin protection against UVA/UVB
+ Lightweight, invisible coverage in a universal shade
+ Luminous complexion
+ Hydrating and antioxidant formula
+ Oil-free, hypoallergenic
+ Works on all skin types and tones

DANIQUE Retinol Midnight Intensive Serum
Retinol (Vitamin A) is the most well-known ingredient for wrinkle care and improve skin elasticity, it meets plant stem cell culture which is great for skin regenerating and 8 patent ingredients to turn your skin age back while you are sleeping.
+ Activate to skin cells and promote collagen production to reduce wrinkles & enhance skin elasticity.

DANIQUE Stem Cell Rejuvenate Super Serum
High functional regenerating serum that contains Stem Cell Conditioned Media, plant stem cell culture and 8 different patent ingredients. It’s Anti-Ageing daily serum for focused to activates cell recovery, generates collagen & moisture level, improves skin tone & texture and anti-wrinkle.
+ Cell Activation
+ Skin Regeneration
+ Skin Rejuvenation

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