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CEO name: Jeong sook Cho

Phone Number: 1544-5388

Email: syspang@naver.com

Webpage: http://www.syspang.com


Company Information

“Syspang with unparalleled confidence”
Syspang is health supplement and functional food for human and pet supplement company making product with scientifically proven ingredients. it is a national brand that shares the value of youth since 1998.


Product Information

Gwan-jeol Palpal

“- Exclusive rights to use green-lipped mussel extract oil in Korea
– Used green-lipped mussel extract oil from New Zealand Only 1.4kg extracted from 1,000kg of green-lipped mussel
– No. 1 joint supplement No. 1 production performance for 8 consecutive years!
– No. 1 sales in Korea for 8 consecutive years!
– Cumulative home shopping sales: KRW 130 billion
– Clinical test from 7 universities including Seoul National University and Chungang University”


Hyeol-gwan Palpal

With one pill of Hyeol-gwan Palpal, you can prevent DNA damage, and keep blood vessel and skin healthy.
Patented wheat prtein coating
the body’s first line of defense SOD is delivered to the intestine unharmed
2 domestic patents / 13 overseas patents
Korea’s first and exclusive ingredient, cantaloupe melon extract
Only the cantaloupe melon from France with pantented seed with enhanced antioxidant SOD is used
Just 1kg from 1,000kg extracted(seed number 40310)


Mungmung Palpal Joint

“- Joint nutritional supplement for dogs
(Green-lipped mussel oil, vitamin E, olive oil)
– Same ingredients as Gwan-jeol Palpal Green-lipped mussel extract oil used
– Safe as human grade ingredients
– Tested on sick dogs in SNU College of Veterinary Medicine. Proven to improve osteoarthritis symptoms
– No harmful ingredients
No chemical substances
harmful for dogs are used
– 100% Human grade ingredients (food grade)”


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