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CEO name: Lee Soonam

Phone Number: 82-10-6304-8447

Email: soobin7182@naver.com

Webpage: https://smartstore.naver.com/insasprin


Company Information

A brand specializing in fashion accessories that opened in 2018.

Muji Krinklescarf is a popular product that has topped Naver and Coupang’s search terms for six years.

Attending international fair and others to enter the global market by expanding business areas with bags following scarves and mufflers.


Product Information

Tyvek ultra light bag

Using Tyvek, a new material fabric from DuPont in the United States, a lightweight, tough, and waterproof bag,

It can be customized in 54 kinds with 9 wide straps and 6 bag colors.


Natural hand-dyed silk scarf

Silk scarves dyed by hand one by one.

a high-end scarf with luxurious colors and textures


Bag decoration charm

Bag decoration using various objects such as ribbons, smiles, flowers, and animal shapes.

An item that accentuates the bag.



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