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Phone Number: +82 10-4655-2472

Email: minsu@soonsooi.com

Webpage: https://www.soonsooi.com/en/


Company Information

Soonsu Baram Co., Ltd. is a company established in Seoul in 2017, specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of Smart Clean Air household appliances. Since the debut of the first hairdryer utilizing original technology in 2019, we have expanded our product line to include four models of hairdryers. Our product ‘Air Rush,’ launched in February 2024, is a revolutionary hairdryer boasting the world’s highest wind speed and emitting 200 million anion, leading to global sales success.


Product Information

Twin Motor Hair Dryer Air Rush: Air Rush

1) Overwhelming Performance World-class speed and airflow. Overwhelming anion emission to prevent hair damage and ensure gentle drying. 2)Trendy Design Foldable design for storage anywhere (on the dressing table, in the bathroom, or in a carry-on while traveling). Trendy design for a luxurious feel. 3)Safety and Price Automatic power-off function after 30 minutes of non-use after power-on. Reasonable price for the world’s best performance. 4)Anion Effect Reduction of hair static electricity. Minimization of hair damage caused during hair drying by ions and moisture molecules, preventing hair damage. Rapid hair drying effect and reduction of frizz between cuticles due to increased adhesion between cuticles by moisture and ions. Hair damage prevention effect by stabilizing the hair epidermis and suppressing static electricity generation through plasma functionality.


Ceramic Heater Hair Dryer PURISM ZERO

1) Target Audience – Those seeking scalp management and hair styling! – Individuals prioritizing health! – Those in need of hair loss management with near-infrared rays! – Anyone looking to gift themselves or their family! 2) Features – Mode Function: Normal Mode and Scalp Care Mode (with near-infrared rays) – Temperature Settings: 4 levels – Cool air, 55°C, 65°C, 80°C – Wind: 3 levels – Display Settings Function: Temperature, Wind, Mode (Normal Mode, Scalp Care Mode) 3) Performance – Product with 50% reduced electricity bill (consumes 50% less power compared to conventional products with 850W) – Patented ceramic heater technology minimizes electromagnetic waves, resulting in the least electromagnetic wave emission of 30mG ~ 50mG (compared to conventional products emitting over 200mG) – Dust and heavy metal (copper) non-occurrence technology – Industry-first radon prevention technology with certified radon testing by authorized institutions – Soft Temper System for low-temperature scalp drying – Utilizes LED light sources of 650nm, 850nm, 1,000nm infrared rays for Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatment, penetrating deep into the skin dermal tissue to stimulate sebaceous glands, enabling scalp management such as inflammation and wound healing. – Powerful airflow achieved with ultra-high-speed BLDC Motor (suitable for semi-permanent use)


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