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CEO name: Myeongchul Lee

Phone Number: 553131620

Email: silvatkorea@gmail.com

Webpage: http://silvat.co.kr


Company Information

Silvat has been manufacturing premium cookware for over 30 years using high-purity aluminum as a material. Focusing on frying pans, royal court pans, and pots, we also specially manufacture pressure cookers, vacuum pots, patterned products, hard products, and forged products.


Product Information

Primrose IH

This aluminum cookware is made of 21st century eco-friendly materials as ceramics color with full aluminium metal body and is popular with young people for its pink color on the inside and outside.


Miracle IH

This is high non-stick functional pan with nice grip feeling.


Miracle Party pan steamer

This steamer has a various function. This could be used as pan, low pot and steamer. Since the steamer has a high quality non-stick function, it is really suitable for steamed dish.

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