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CEO name: Ye-Hyun Shin

Phone Number: +82-10-4581-1753

Email: jhshin@ssmold.co.kr

Webpage: www.ssmold.co.kr


Company Information

1. The largest silicone manufacturer in Korea
– More than 200 kinds of silicone kitchen ware and baby products
– 12 million USD in sales as of 2023, ranking first in the domestic silicone manufacturing industry.

2. One-Stop Product Development System
– We have an organization and system that directly enables product planning, design, mold, material mixing and production, distribution and sales.
– By internalizing the entire process, it is possible to proceed more cost-effectively and quickly.

3. Own brand, SiliPot
No more Plastic, Change to Silicone.
Silipot suggests safe and practical products for your kitchen and life.
With our steady-selling silicone cooking utensils and our top-selling silicone zipper bags, we are captivating not only domestic but also overseas consumers.


Product Information

Silicone Zipper Bag 3Pset

★ Composition : L/M/S 3Pset ; 1500ML / 850ML / 500ML
(1) This is a high-grade platinum silicone(Food Grade ; FDA Approved) reusable zipper bag set 100% made in Korea.
(2) It is Patented on the sealing structure of a zipper bag in Korea and US.
– One-touch triple sealing structure ; Easy to open&sealing
– Curved zipper bag design ; it reduces the pressure in the center and enables excellent sealing power.
(3) Wide entrance : Possible to store a large amount, and easier to wash and dry it.
(4) Free-standing design : Good for liquid stoage and easier to store in the cabinet or fridge.
(5) It is especially popular among 2030 Green Consumers interested in environment pollution and zero-waste.


Silicone Handy Bottle

(1) LSR silicone which is same materials with Baby pacifier. 100% made in Korea from material to production
(2) Just roll and fold! Portable size in your bag and Light weight, only 133g!
(3) Strong non-leaking structure. Not allow even a single drop!
(4) Freezing / Microwave /Boiling water sterilization OK! Don’t freez PET bottles anymore in summer. Freez safe silicone tumblers and take them with you during outdoor activities!
(5) Fill half with water and freeze the bottle in the freezer. Then pour coffee, juice and beer into this bottle! The large ice frozen in the bottle keep you cool during outdoor activities.


Silicone Baby Gift set

★ Composition : Pallete SUCTION PLATE with 5 POCKETS and LID, a Bear BOWL, a Bear PLATE and Two-handle DRINKING CUP, and a BABY SPOON and CASE.

(1) This is a baby feeding supplies gift set for babies from 6 months to 48 months old.
(2) This is a high-grade platinum silicone baby feeding set 100% made in Korea from ingredients to production.
(3) It is composed of essential baby feeding supplies and all composition are made of silicone so that non-fragile, light and safe.
(4) It is with GIFT-READY packaging, perfect as a baby shower gift or a pregnant gift.

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