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CEO name: Kim Yelim

Phone Number: +82 10-7276-0631

Email: cs@zenpia.co.kr

Webpage: https://www.secretkey.co.kr/


Company Information

SECRET KEY is a creative cosmetic company that uses communication to reach consumers all over the globe, making successful inroads into global markets; SECRET KEY leads and accurately predicts the fast-changing trends in the beauty market. SECRET KEY provides beauty solutions around the world and continues to expand the domain of K-beauty, through various distribution channels, based on sophisticated localization strategies and global marketing know-how.

Product Information

Snow White Cream
Snow White Cream is a all in one base brightening tone-up cream, with nonstick and fresh finish texture. Its function as whitening and moisturizing and adheres perfectly to skin as well.

Snow White Milky Pack
Snow White Milky Pack is a wash off type brightening pack for body and face. The smoothly permeated and nonstick texture enable to maintain a white skin all day long and can be use as large volume.

Snow White Milky Lotion
Snow White Milky Lotion is a lotion type brightening products. It is a soft and moisture lotion that no need to wash off . It has soothing effect and have aloe vera extract and Hyaluronic acid sooth skin irritated from the outside and moisture skin.


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