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Phone Number: +82-2-6342-5162

Email: rarita@peaceofskin.com

Webpage: http://www.peaceofskin.com


Company Information

Searchlight H&B Co. Ltd. Is the manufacturer of seahorse peptide cosmetics and the unique color change gel nail.


Product Information

RARITA Seahorse Peptide Cosmetics

The unique skincare products which use seahorse peptide and sea cucumber extract from Jeju Island.
– Seahorse Hydrating Moisture Cream
– Seahorse Hydro-Lipid Facial Mask
– Jeju 8 Aquamarine Soothing Gel


SUNNY RECIPE Color Change Gel Nail

The unique & innovative gel nail sticker which changes its color when exposed to the UV in sunlight.
– UV-sensitive new technology by the patent
– Fully cured gel nail which does not require the gel lamp to dry nails
– Voluminous and thick gel coat for long lasting gloss
– SGS safety test




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