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CEO name: Lee Hak Do

Phone Number: 033-633-0657

Email: main@sea-world.co.kr

Webpage: http://www.sea-world.co.kr


Company Information

SEA WORLD dreams of becoming a global food company with its raw-ingredient processing technology. We offer food of the future consciously made with health and the environment in mind.

SEA WORLD has devoted itself to developing traditional Korean bugak into a variety of items tailored to modern trends and to producing delicious snacks with healthy root vegetables, seaweed, and marine products.


Product Information

Tigak Tegak Bugak

To keep the flavors of their raw ingredients, they are sliced in their natural form. Bugak captures the original flavors of root vegetables and fruits.


Fried Sweet Rice Cracker

Healthy crackers processed with their original raw materials. They contain 43.5% glutinous rice. Seasoned with various flavors and tastes.


Cafe Chips

The harmony of strong coffee and sweet chocolate flavors! The bitter and sweet flavors of coffee and chocolate can be felt at the same time.

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