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CEO name: Hyun Suk Ryu

Phone Number: +821046020902

Email: raniq@raniq.net

Webpage: www.dermaj.kr/en/


Company Information

derma J is a cosmeceutical brand created by dermatologist and skin experts. Experienced dermatologist involve in all processes of products for planning, development, design, manufacturing and clinical tests in order to provide right products and selected care solution to customers. This cosmeceutical products are made of the safest ingredients selected carefully and help the best condition of skin maintain all the time.


Product Information

derma J Sunscreen plus (SPF50+/PA++++) with Peptides is the functional cosmetic to protect from UV rays and to help Anti-Aging without Stickiness and white cast. derma J suncream plus absorb fast so it is good to use before make up.
Peptides help promotes skin regeneration by boosting major metabolic and physiological activities in the body. Moreover, peptides penetrate into the dermis for cell regeneration and skin elasticity.
derma J sun cream plus contains aloe barbadensis leaf juice that helps skin calming and anti-inflammatory.
dermatologist tested / Skin irritation level 0


Houttuynia cordata extract 30,000ppm from Jeju in Korea. It helps to remove blackheads from the skin cell and regenerates skin barrier. Keep your face moisturize after washing yout face.
pH-BALANCING: Retains the optimal pH level of the skin to protect against pollution. Greeny Plant Foam cleanser protects the skin’s own protective membrane and removes only waste.
sebum improvement and dead skin improvement test completed. Dermatologist tested
Greeny Plant Foam Cleanser is verified with EWG Green Grade. Natural ingredient.


derma J Soothing Gel Mask with Tencel fiber sheet to vitalize & moisturize for recovery of exhausted face in daily routine. Moreover derma J mask contains 35g of essence which is huge amount of essence compare to other mask.
derma J Intensive Cream with peptide helps regenerate skin(skin recovery) for your skin.


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