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CEO name: Sunny Choi

Phone Number: 032-566-2769

Email: pinky@pinkycosmetic.kr

Webpage: https://pinkycosmetic.kr


Company Information

At Pinky Cosmetic, we prioritize the well-being of children by ensuring that our products meet the highest safety standards. The majority of our products have received an EWG Green rating, demonstrating our commitment to producing items that both mothers and children can trust and be satisfied with.


Product Information

I’m Pinky Kids Moisture Kitten Sheet Mask

Introducing “I’m Pinky Kids CocoMeow Mask Pack” – a customized mask pack created for our little ones who love mimicking their moms’ skincare routines. This special product draws inspiration from daily mom rituals. Formulated with natural ingredients and a gentle touch, it guarantees a safe and enjoyable experience for kids. The adorable character design adds a playful element, making skincare routines a fun activity for children. “I’m Pinky Kids CocoMeow Mask Pack” offers a gentle application on kids’ skin, promoting healthy skincare habits and ensuring their skin stays nourished.


Pinky Tonky Kids Bubble Party All-In-One Cleanser

An innovative product designed to make bath time fun for kids who might not typically enjoy it. With its vibrant colors and engaging texture, this product ensures a delightful and entertaining bath experience. Simply give it a shake, remove the safety cap, and spray for an instant burst of lively bubbles, turning bath time into a playful and exciting adventure for kids. PinkyTongkey Bubble Party All-in-One Cleanser is the ideal companion for children’s baths, creating a safe and enjoyable environment for a splash of fun.


I’m Pinky Kids Nail Paint

The I’m Pinky Kids Nail Paint is a child-friendly water-based manicure, ensuring safety for both parents and children. It’s easy to apply and can be peeled off like a sticker, providing convenience for playful moments. With outstanding color payoff, just one application results in vibrant colors, allowing kids to express their creativity. Formulated with gentle ingredients, it guarantees a safe playtime experience for children. Available in 14 different colors, it stimulates children’s imagination and creativity, making it the perfect nail paint for joyful and imaginative play.

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