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Phone Number: +82 10 5363 2567

Email: pgkorea20@naver.com

Webpage: https://pgkor.com/


Company Information

PG Korea Co., Ltd. (Puzzle Gallery Korea) has been manufacturing and distributing puzzles since 2020. They export jigsaw puzzles, children’s puzzles, large puzzles, slide puzzles, high-difficulty wooden puzzles, 3D puzzles, and toys to overseas stores and online malls in the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

Through the design development of the “jigsaw puzzles” being exported and sold in bulk, they have invested in and developed the design for the “BTS Jigsaw Puzzle” under a licensing agreement. Currently, mass production is underway through promotional videos, BL/CL, and approvals.

Applying the official BTS license, they have developed designs for 8 types of BTS BE Jigsaw Puzzles, 7 types of BTS Butter Jigsaw Puzzles, 8 types of BTS Jigsaw Proof Puzzles, and BTS Keyring (Folding) Cubes. These BTS licensed items are integrated into puzzles and cubes, comprising jigsaw puzzles (cubes) and individual cards.

Puzzle Gallery Korea Co., Ltd. has partnered with Puzzle Gallery, a company with a 19-year tradition, to export puzzles and toys such as jigsaw puzzles, children’s puzzles, large puzzles, slide puzzles, high-quality wooden puzzles, and 3D puzzles to overseas stores.


Product Information

BTS Jigasw Puzzle_Butter: After making a puzzle using the printed surface of the picture, place a transparent window and place the case with the window on the puzzle to complete the box with a frame.


BTS Mini Cube Keyring_Butter: 2 x 2 Mini Cube with a keychain attached to it for hanging anywhere.

BTS 3 x 3 Cube_PROOF: It’s a 3 x 3 Rubreak Cube and packaged with a photocard in each member of BTS

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