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Phone Number: 10-3344-7786

Email: one030@oneskin.co.kr

Webpage: www.oneskin.co.kr


Company Information

Oneskin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a global company with CGMP-certified independent manufacturing facilities and corporate-affiliated research institutes established in January 2016. Our extensive capabilities in product development, manufacturing, production, and packaging enable us to create innovative and effective cosmetics that meet the needs of our customers.


Product Information

The wecure TA-RX cream is a whitening cream made by professional researchers for 7 years. Tranexamic Acid, which reduces melanin synthesis in melanocytes and reduces inflammatory factors involved in melanin formation, initially catches melanin, which causes skin spots and blemishes.


Wecure Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule is a natural moisturizing factor present in the dermis layer that can hold 6L of moisture with only 1g, and it forms a skin moisture protective film to prevent moisture evaporation and help maintain a smooth and elastic skin surface.


In the WECURE TA-RX Mela Care Set, Tranexamic Acid, a whitening patent ingredient made by professional researchers for 7 years, initially catches melanin that causes skin spots and blemishes. It is a set composed of ampoules and cream for high moisturizing, high-quality bag total management.

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