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CEO name: leejihye

Phone Number: +821052043836

Email: nutriadvisor@naver.com

Webpage: www.blockncare.com

Company Information

NutriAdvisor Co., Ltd. is a beauty/inner beauty company specializing in UV protection established in June 2020.

We are a company that constantly researches and innovates to protect and improve health and beautiful values from harmful UV rays caused by environmental destruction

Starting with the world’s first UV-blocking golf patch, we manufacture and sell functional UV-blocking products such as UV-blocking functional stockings and arm stockings worn on the arms.

As shown in the name of “Nutriadvisor”, the company is launching a health functional food brand, launching four types of health functional foods, and proposing them to consumers.

Blaca collagenin is the world’s first collagen and arginine hybrid jelly-type health food that is designed to easily consume collagen centered on Hallyu inner beauty and arginine, which is essential for outdoor/sports activities.

Product Information

2000 mg of arginine + 2000 mg of low-molecular-weight fishcollagen
With the energy of eating 10 eels and the firmness of skin as if eating 20 fish
Beauty + Vitality For Active Women A product that catches both rabbits
It’s a tiring daily energy and skin care at the same time
office workers, women who like golf, hiking, tennis, fitness, Pilates, and more,
From housewives who are tired of housework, housewives who are tired of childcare, middle-aged men in their 50s to 60s who are increasingly tired, and busy men
The fishy taste of collagen and arginine, which can be repulsed by the fresh and sweet shine musket flavor, is “0”
The downside is that I keep eating it because it’s delicious!
*Features: High content arginine and collagen are raw materials with a fishy taste -> Collaginin perfectly removes the fishy taste and is commercialized so that anyone can enjoy it without likes or dislikes. It is a high content product that can be effective immediately after eating it.

It contains 3270mg (material secured) of collagen registered as an individually recognized raw material by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
It’s a collagen product and tastes like lemon!
Collagen, an essential item for the skin, is so delicious that it contains enough in one bag without resistance.
Collagen Products First Particle-type products like Lemona that are made into granules and can be eaten fresh without stranglehold (Collagen’s first granular product)

    a transparent sunscreen patch.
It is the world’s first transparent UV protection patch coated with hydrogel, and it is a product that simultaneously implements blemish care and UV protection
With a cool cooling effect, the skin temperature can be reduced by about 4 degrees when attached, and it can be re-adhesed even if it falls off.

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