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CEO name: Kim Ho Joon

Phone Number: +82 10 3218 9900

Email: bahecos@naver.com

Webpage: http://www.numeruno.co.kr


Company Information

Numeruno produces and supplies professional scalp care and skin care products used in hospitals. Its main product is a cosmetics line made of black ginger that has its own patent. It has completed clinical trials such as improving dead skin cells It has also obtained European safety certification (cpnp). Currently, we are exporting to Malaysia and the United States using our oem method, and to Taiwan, the Netherlands, and the Philippines under our brand. It consists of shampoo, conditioner, and the last step, tonic, which are necessary for scalp care such as oily scalp, hair, dandruff scalp, and thin hair. Scalp scaling agents are our company’s representative products and are being supplied to various countries, hospitals, and beauty salons in Korea.


Product Information


1. Scalp deep cleansing , oil and kertin reduce, Cleaning pores

2. Use twice a week

3. Natural moisture car of Herb

4. Three Poly PEPTIDE protein nutrition and BLACK GINGER, panthenol makes sensitive scalp to be comfortable.


Black ginger Real Ampoule

1. Whitening and anti-wrinkle

2. Black ginger Patent : skin composition, moisturizing, and sebum improvement

3. Pore control

4. Fresh absorption

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