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CEO name: MiHwa Park

Phone Number: 010-5634-3302

Email: nar3302@naver.com

Webpage: https://narcipia.co.kr/


Company Information

NARCIPIA CO.LTD is an innovative brand company dedicated to developing and providing solutions to enhance beauty and self-confidence.


Product Information


Using HIFU technology, it acts directly on the elastic layer of the skin without damaging the surface of the skin
Devices that help improve wrinkles, whitening, lifting, and contour formation


Derma Radiance Cream

A special cream infused with ingredients that create moisture and a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, preventing skin damage and inhibiting collagen breakdonw in the deeper layers while aiding in reorganization.


Soothing oil to foam cleanser

This is an oil-to-foam cleanser that gently dissolves makeup, creates a luxuriou foam for a thorough double cleansing, and helps shorten the cleansing time.


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