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CEO name: Jang hyun ju

Phone Number: 1046541689

Email: nanumfood2@hanmail.net

Webpage: http://www.nanumfood.or.kr/main.php


Company Information

NANUMI is a red ginseng company that has the technology of processing, extraction, and concentration of red ginseng, and is trying to develop various products that meet the current trend.


Product Information

Red Ginseng collagen

It is a product that can be enjoyed by anyone, featuring pear and pomegranate
collagen added to red ginseng concentrate. It is especially loved by middle-aged
women because it contains collagen. Manufactured in the form of a jelly, it has
excellent texture, taste, and aroma. It is suited to the modern life preferences of
those who want to be beautiful.


Children’s Red Ginseng Jelly

Considering the tastes and appetites of children, we added concentrates of
apple and pear to the red ginseng concentrate to support health along with
adding taste and fragrance.
By excluding any synthetic additives and adding only natural additives, it
contains the heart and mind of mother who only cares about the health of her
children. It is soft and chewy without being bitter, so it is a product with an enjoy-
able texture and high palatability for children.

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