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Company Information

Korea’s No. 1 kids cosmetics recipebox has been sticking to the safest ingredients since 2016.
There are many products on the market that look similar to ours, but the quality and technology cannot be followed.
the standard for kids cosmetics that is loved in various countries around the world.


Product Information

Recipebox Kids Waterbase Nail Polish
1. Since the poisonous ingredients found in many other nail polishes have been removed and made of water as the main ingredient,
it can be easily used by both men and women of all ages as it may cause much less irritation to the nails.
2. The downside of water-based nail polish, which is not applied vividly and irregularly applied, has been greatly improved to give a clear color expression.
3. When removing aer drying, it can be removed by lightly peeling it off like a sticker without harsh acetone.
If you use lukewarm water or wet tissue, you can remove it more easily and smoothly.


Recipebox Daily Kids Sun Cushion
1. It is a sun cushion that can be safely used by the whole family since it contains only 100% inorganic UV protection ingredients and
all ingredients are certified as EWG green grade.
2. It leaves your skin fresh and moist without greasiness and does not cause skin irritation.
3. As the design is similar to the adult cushion compact, children may wear sunscreen without reluctance like playing with makeup.
4. Can be used as a substitute for makeup when going outside as it has a natural skin tone-up effect.
5. Easy to carry with cute design and compact size


Recipebox Kids Mask Pack
1. This product contains plenty of essence that all ingredients are EWG green grade certified. (20ml per sheet)
2. Since it is a natural sheet made of eucalyptus wood, it does not cause skin irritation.
3. It contains plenty of berry extracts from seven different kinds to make the skin healthy and elastic.
4. It can be used safely because it does not inclue artificial colors and artificial fragrances.
5. It is a completely non-irritating product with an irritation index of 0.00 in the skin irritation test.
6. Children love it very much as it is a cute rabbit-shaped design.
7. It is good to use for soothing skin in hot weather or for moisturizing skin in cold weather.
8. Mother and child can have fun using facial masks together.

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