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Company Information

Differentiated Premiums for the Core Value of “Eternal Youth” In order to present the eternity and rareness of the skin as a skin care brand, we have been working on premium natural materials and blending technologies, guaranteeing the artisan’s skill with condensation of time, not fancy ready-made products.


Product Information

LIPSOI Premium Ceramic Guasha

It is a traditional style premium porcelain GUASHA made in 100 hours.
It is effective in relieving muscle clumps, and it is convenient because you can see the symmetrical effect of face balance after use, and you can massage your scalp and body together.
The test report for non-detection of heavy metals has been completed and is officially certified by the British Vegan Association for safe to use.
also It is a nice grip in one hand stably.
six acupressure points can be used for your face, scalp, and body, and it eases self-care at home.


LIPSOI Premium Ceramic Cream

It is an ingredient that pursues natural perfection that values the environment and is effective in calming and whitening skin troubles, improving wrinkles, and preventing wrinkles from aging.


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