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Phone Number: 1094879798

Email: jinwss@leps.co.kr

Webpage: https://lepsbomb.imweb.me/


Company Information

LEPS is a bath cosmetic brand that insists on using only natural-derived ingredients. The brand name ‘LEPS’ is derived from ‘Life: Encounter Pleasant Surprises,’ which means encountering delightful surprises in life. Like the lasting impact of precious friendships and love, the brand aims to bring joy and add memorable moments to people’s lives.


Product Information


Sherbet Planet – Camellia Sinensis Flower Extract, 230g – 8.1WT.oz
Boracay- Kelp Extract, Wakame Extract, 230g – 8.1WT.oz
Moonlight – Lavender Oil, 230g – 8.1WT.oz
Raspberry&Mint – Low Sweet Blueberry, Cornmint Extract, 180g – 6.3WT.oz
Sun Kissed – Seabuckthorn Oil, 180g – 6.3WT.oz
Pink Flash – Acerola Extract, 180g – 6.3WT.oz
Peaches – Prunus Persia (Peach) Flower Extract, 180g – 6.3WT.oz
Jello – Rose Water, 180g – 6.3WT.oz
Budapest – Perilla Leaf Oil, 230g – 8.1WT.oz
Cheshire – Black Mulberry Fruit Extract, 180g – 6.3WT.oz
Honey Popcorn – Propolis Extract, 230g – 8.1WT.oz



ROSE – Rosa Damascena Flower Oil – Fruity, Floral
FOREST – Hinoki Cypress Oil – Green, Herb
LOVELY LAVENDER – Lavender Oil – Sweet, Fruity, Floral


Shay room spray

Green Herb – Green Herb Scent Room Spray, 200ml – 6.7 WT. OZ
TOP – Lime, Rosemary, Green note
MIDDLE – Jasmin, Orange Blossom, Lily, Cyclamen
BASE – Musk, Cedarwood, Pine

Amber Jasmine – Amber Jasmine Scent Room Spray, 200ml – 6.7 WT. OZ
TOP – Ambery Musk
MIDDLE – Jasmin
BASE – Musk, Amber
Artemisia – Artemisia Scent Room Spray, 200ml – 6.7 WT. OZ
TOP – Green, Pine, Eucalyptus
MIDDLE – Jasmin, Artemisia
BASE – Musk, Cypress, Woody



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