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CEO name: Junghwan Kim

Phone Number: +821063070404

Email: briankim@lazysociety.co.kr

Webpage: lazysociety.co.kr


Company Information

The brand seeking what men dislike, Lazy Society. Due to the increase in unmarried individuals, the rise of single-person households, and changes in family structures, the proportion of men in the consumer goods market is gradually increasing. In this situation, there is a shortage of products and services that clearly meet the needs of men. This company was founded to solve this problem through the use of a homogeneous male population.
The primary target is male consumers of the Millennial generation, aged 20 to 40. Through the subscription model for shaving products, which are a key category in male grooming, the company has secured about 200,000 members. With a customer base comprising over 90% men, it aims to expand not only in the razor market but also into male grooming products and the broader male consumer goods market.
From the mainstay model of razor products, the range has been expanded to include shaving care products such as shaving gel, aftershave toner, and lotion. Currently, it is expanding into the male beauty sector, launching products like sunscreen and acne care products.


Product Information

This product is optimized to soothe the skin that has been irritated by shaving, by removing hazardous and harmful ingredients such as isobutane, and butane like conventional shaving products, and filling it with calming ingredients. Unlike foam that only produces bubbles, it is applied without any gaps and adheres firmly to the beard and skin. It protects the skin thoroughly and supplies moisture to make the beard moist and soft. With just a slight push, you can shave much more cleanly. Shaving Gel 2.3 has undergone a total of four upgrades, including Shaving Gel 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.3. This is our unique operating method, which enables us to further enhance the product to make it even more complete, reflecting continuous customer feedback. We operate a test team with our existing subscription customers from the product planning stage, and conduct sampling tests with customers, which is qualitatively different from the one-way planning and sales of conventional companies. Unlike traditional companies, we plan to further enhance our current customer communication methods, so that we can become a new consumer goods company for the new generation.


Instantly soothes shaving irritation with refreshing and cooling sensation. Ultra-fine moisturizing particles absorb deeply into the skin preventing dryness after shaving. Neutralizes excess oil and balances without feeling sticky or greasy.


Provides multiple skincare benefits in one solution. Instantly gives long-lasting hydration and soothes dry and irritated skin. The lightweight texture absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving stickiness or excessive oil.

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