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Company Information

Recently interest in functional foods has risen and competition in the field gets severer than ever. It is true, however, many functional food manufacturing companies are giving products information without academic basis. Recognizing this, KoRyeoHan has developed and commercialized clinically proven functional foods and herbal beauty products from the standpoint of customers.

Product Information

It is a processed food that has been reborn as a food that improves health through the good contents of Donguibogamnae Gyeongokgo, a book that is the basis of Korean Oriental Medicine and is registered as a global treasure by UNESCO.
Donguibogamnae Gyeongokgo is easy to eat. While it is inconvenient and inconvenient to carry and store, it is a jelly-type product that can be easily consumed as food anytime, anywhere.
I usually carry a few pieces with me when I exercise, so I can eat them when I’m hungry or for my health. It’s great to eat on the go.
It’s closer to a health-conscious jelly than a regular jelly.
This is a product packaged well to give as a gift to your loved ones.

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