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CEO name: Oh Chang Won

Phone Number: 010-9880-8240

Email: jncnetworks@gmail.com

Webpage: https://schat9.co.kr/


Company Information

JNC Networks is a specialist in the health and beauty superfood market.

However, we are not just selling health food, but also providing creative total solutions in health food.

We always study the market, always try to be fast so that we strive to be a leader especially in new material market of health & beauty market.


Product Information

Pure Lingonberry Puree Glutathione

Schat9’s optimum solution for inner bueaty, anti-aging, diet & skin care
Lingonberry is a precious fruit that grows only in the wild of northern europe such as Swede, Finland and is known as a superfood called “Queensberry” that queens enjoy eating.
– Point01 : 750% concentrated Swedish Lingonberry puree.
– Point02 : Puree extraction power ➝ Conserving more nutrients
– Point03 : Perfact combination of key subsidiary materials
– Glutathione / Fish collagen / Elastin / Moro orange / Lemon Balm / Hyaluronic acid / etc…


Wheat extract Glucosyl Ceramide Max

Schat9’s optimum solution for skin care & glowing skin
Cerasome refers to ceramide NP(ceramide3) that protecting moisture lost on the surface of the skin and preventing harmful substances from outside.
Point 1 : French wheat extract Serasome, Glucosyle Ceramide
Point 2 : Perpect combination of major ingredients for the skin barrier
– Glutathione + low-molecular collagen + Hyaluronic acid + Elastin
Point 3 : Synergy up of subsidiary ingredients
– A green apple + tomato extract powder + Broccoli + Biotin


Devil’s Burning Up PePe juice

PePe juice is a detox juice that contains ingredients that expel toxins from the body, reduce swelling, and help tighten the body.
Point 01 : The Devil’s recipe for cleansing & Detoxing
– Blueberries / Tomato / Asparagus / Cucumber pepper / Olive / ABC Juice
Point 02 : Taste Up! – Sweet and sour with blueberry
Point 03 : Synergy up of subsidiary ingredients
– Ultra low molecular fish collagen / Vitamin A,B,C,E / Biotin

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