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Phọne Number: +82 10 7135 6339

Email: pdh@jincostech.com 

Webpage: http://jincostech.com/eng/


Company Information

Jincostech is specialized in hydrogel and skincare products through OEM/ODM businesses. With our own brand, Jincostech seeks for global distributors as well.


Product Information

Bobote hydrogel facial mask is made up of essence that delivers moisture, nutrition and anti-wrinkle ingredients to the skin. It comes with a form of jelly. This texture avoids any waste of essence when a typical facial sheet mask is used.


Anypack Winkle & Brightening Care Multi Gold Eye Patch gives a special care towards the eye areas through brightening and anti-wrinkle ingredients with 24k gold and shea butter


Dr.Dermal’s 10 typse of facial sheet masks is a game changer in the sheet mask field with price and differentiation strategies. Customers can choose any type of product considering their skin types.

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