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Phone Number: +82 10-5382-9109

Email: kyuha71@hanmail.net

Webpage: www.djw1992.com


Company Information

We are a health functional food company that manufactures red ginseng products using Korean ginseng. With decades of exporting experience and production know-how, we have gained favorable responses from consumers both domestically and internationally. We strive for continuous improvement by uniting our employees to manage quality through GMP and HACCP certifications, aiming to produce even better products.


Product Information

Korean Red Ginseng Drink

A beverage product infused with red ginseng and traditional herbal ingredients. It aids in strengthening vitality, boosting immune system, and restoring energy. Take 1 to 2 servings daily, with each serving being one pouch.


Korean Ginseng Antler Capsule

A capsule product containing concentrated ginseng extract, along with Cordyceps, Royal Jelly, and vitamins. It aids in strengthening vitality, restoring energy, and boosting immune system. Take 1 to 2 capsules daily, preferably with a beverage.


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