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Company Information

Based on Jeju’s native plant distribution, environmental survey, and research on the proliferation, cultivation, and efficacy of resource plants, resource plants are mass-cultivated, and functional cosmetics are produced and sold using them. In particular,we are investing heavily in basic cosmetics, and focusing on research on relieving itching,maintaining moisturization,and suppressing trobles.


Product Information


A skincare line that is effective in moisturizing mild ingredients made with Boehmeria Nipononivea Leaf Extract, Citrus Natsudaidai Peel Extract and Humulus japonicus Extract as the main ingredients.
It consists of lotion, cream, and soothing gel.


Ruvus Vita A Solve

A skincare line for problematic skin made using extracts of Osmanthus Insularis Leaf ,Rubus schizostylus Extract, and Poria cocos extract as the main ingredient.


Ruvus Vita

A whitening-related skincare line made with Jeju Rubus hongnoensis Leaf/Stem Extract and Common Anemarrhena Extract as the main ingredients.
It consists of amples, cream, and mask packs.

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