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CEO name: Seunglae Lee

Phone Number: +82 75151813

Webpage: www.jdg.co.kr


Company Information

Founded in 2019, JDG exports Jeju agricultural and marine products to promote their value. Furthermore, we provide export consulting to companies that want to export overseas. Our company specialize in clean agricultural and marine food grown in Jeju, a world natural and cultural heritage. It provides the right food for customers who are selling and looking for healthier food.


Product Information

Jeju Frozen Cutlassfish (230g)

Jeju cutlassfish is caught by traditional fishing (a reel and line with multiple hooks). It guarantees not only a better taste but also the best quality and freshness.


Jeju Frozen Mackerel Fillet (500g)

The Jeju mackerel is caught near The Jeju Sea. Therefore, they are very fresh and have rich meat. Jeju mackerel is well known for its vitamins and Omega 3. Mackerel is called “sea barley” because of its sufficient nutrition facts.


Jeju Gimnyeong Frozen Seafood Mix (1kg)

A spicy soup that is easily prepared with special seasoning. seafood mix stew loved by people of all ages Enjoy it easily with a meal kit.

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