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CEO name: Jongdeug, Kim

Phone Number: +82-10-8834-1170

Email: 333kjd@gmail.com

Webpage: www.j9cosmetic.com


Company Information

J9cosmetic Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 for social contribution and beauty through rational consumption.
Our company, which was created based on the belief that young and healthy skin expresses the value of a beautiful life, by introducing pure nature-friendly, high-functionality products to our customers, aims to provide you with pure natural products that combine natural ingredients and scientific technology.
In order to create a new trend for the beauty industry in the future, we will work together with our executives and staff to develop cosmetics for social values and to maintain healthy beauty.
We, J9cosmetic Co., Ltd. will strive for beauty and social contribution through constant R&D and self-reflection.
We will grow into a reliable company that puts customer trust as our top priority.


Product Information

Brightening Shot Serum
Bright and translucent skin with Gorgeous whitening care! 2X whitening through systemic mechanism and carefully selected ingredients Translucent and youthful skin care! Skin Blemish Improvement of problematic skin with freckles and blemishes.


Vita Synergy Up Serum
Vita Synergy Up Serum improves whitening and skin tone more safe than pure vitamin C and produces optimal synergy with a combination of vitamins C,E and ferulic acid. It is light, non sticky, moist and fresh serum.


Whitening Up Cream
Immediate whitening effect as if there is a spotlight on the skin.
No pushing, No stickiness, Convenient use on face and body.
Skin deep hydration effect with sodium hyaluronate ingredient.
Light adhesion and moisturizing absorption with no clumping or lifting.

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