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CEO name: Hwang Kyu Jin

Phone Number: +82 70 5101 2422

Email: ionpoliscs@naver.com

Webpage: http://ionpolis.com/home3/?theme=en


Company Information

Ionpolis Co. Ltd develops and manufactures eco-friendly water-related products based on the company philosophy of “people-centered,” “nature-centered,” and “centered on a happy life.” We are a manufacturer of household water-related filter products, including rust and chlorine removal filter shower heads, vitamin filter shower heads, oral irrigators, wash basin filters, sink filters, and toilet bowl cleaners.

Also, for sustainable management and future as a standard workplace for the disabled, a certified social enterprise, and a company that employs more than 20 people with disabilities, it is a company that strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by striving to continuously provide quality jobs for the underprivileged.

We are always striving to improve quality by acquiring corporate standard certifications ISO9001 and ISO14001, and have received KC certification and eco-friendly certification from the Ministry of Environment. We are also working for the environment by registering with CEC, an energy saving certification from California, USA, and conducting open and transparent management. This is a company where all executives and employees strive for ESG management.


Product Information

This product solves the weak water pressure problem of existing electric oral irrigators.
Additionally, the internal filter removes microplastics and heavy metals in tap water and cleanses your mouth with purified water


This hand bidet is widely used in Southeast Asia and has a built-in filter, allowing you to bidet with purified water.


• Trendy design with Ionpolis logo
• Standard connection adapter for wide range of faucet compatibility
• Easy installation and filter replacement
• Built-in chlorine removal sediment filter
↪ Removes rust, heavy metals, microplastics, residual chlorine, etc.
• Various uses with 2-way injection mode
↪ baby bidet
↪ Pet foot shower
↪ Replace tooth cup

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