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CEO name: Shin Jae Seung

Phone Number: 1036712009

Email: sjs77777@in-eco.co.kr

Webpage: https://in-eco.co.kr/


Company Information

INECO Inc. is a manufacturer of eco-friendly functional interior finishing materials. Our products perform functions such as indoor humidity control, environmental pollutant purification, and odor removal. Additionally, they are safe and healthy products that ensure safety against fire, radon, and other radioactive materials, as well as product damage.


Product Information

IECO Block

IECO Block is the flagship product of INECO Inc. It consists of four categories: IECO Block with a clean and sophisticated design, Han Block infused with the unique charm of Korea, IECO Solid Block with a distinctive and refined style, and IECO HanGeul Block designed to mimic the shapes of Korean consonants.



The KINECO Block is a product designed with consideration for the impact of interior design on children’s psychology. The pastel colors of this product help to calm the child’s mind, while the toy-like design stimulates imagination and creativity, enabling diverse thinking. It can be applied to all spaces where children live, such as bedrooms, playrooms, kindergartens, hospitals, and libraries.


Photo Art Block

The Photo Art Block is a product that is made by printing photos or drawings capturing precious moments. The colors do not fade over time and do not interfere with the functionality of the IECO Block. It can be used not only for wall interior but also for table frames, souvenirs, and various other places.




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