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CEO name: Seong-si Noh

Email: juha.noh@gmail.com


Company Information

Imsil Cheese F&B is a food distribution company headquartered in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. It holds HACCP certification and operate as a distributor for Imsil Cheese Cooperative’s cheese products, selling to online retailers, large discount stores, and food service companies. Imsil Cheese F&B sources some of its cheese products from international suppliers in Germany, Belgium, and Hungary, while also outsourcing around 95% of its production to other Korean food manufacture.

Product Information

-It was made by collaboration of two brands, Imsil cheese(the original Korean cheese)& representative Korean Beer Brand, TERRA.

-The squid and cheese are separated by a layer so you can feel the unique flavor of each ingredient.

-The deep flavor of the roasted squid and the soft texture of the cheese make it a nutritious snack that people of all ages love.
(Good for kids’ snack and side dishes for beer)

-It is individually wrapped for hygiene and shelf-stable, so you can enjoy a bite anytime, anywhere.

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