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CEO name: Oh Sungrae

Phone Number: +82 2 6339 0311

Email: emio@kakao.com

Webpage: www.ihee.co.kr


Company Information

We are a leading company that creates new trends and concepts to meet customer needs.


Product Information

Medical Booster Cocktail Combination
BOTULIUM+12 LIFTSHOT: The Botox peptide and 12 kinds of multi-peptides increase elasticity to keep the skin feeling smooth. FILL-UP SHOT: Ultra-low molecular weight collagen, salmon PDRN, and five-fold hyaluronic acid firm and plump the skin from the inside out. MELASHOT Three types of blemish boosters and 12 types of vitamins
help brighten the skin to make it shine. Increasing the Synergy Effect of Microcurrent: Microcurrent synergistic care comes from the activation of microcurrents in the electrolyte mineral ions of glacial water from the Alps and a supply of ATP.


Skin care of graphene and AHA.

AHA melts unnecessary dead skin cells and three-dimensional layered graphene bumps gently cleanse the skin while also taking care of the skin with superconductivity and strong waste adsorption.

The principle of Thalassotherapy for European nobles with osmotic pressure care removing waste from pores without irritation,and at the same time Hyaluronic acid and glacial water supply minerals and moisture while.


SPF50+, which has the highest UVB protection rate, protects against UVA, which causes skin damage and aging for more than 12 hours, and gives
a natural tone-up effect. Contains 10% of low molecular collagen extract, hyaluronic acid, salmon DNA, and botulinum peptide to cover elasticity and skin care effects in the skin

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