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CEO name: Lê Ngọc Trân

Phone Number: 0965595941

Email: Artsoulflame@gmail.com 

Webpage: huongthanhnoni.com


Company Information

Huong Thanh Company was established in 1997. Huong Thanh is the first company in producing Noni in Vietnam. Our company has experienced many ups and downs. To gain credibility with our customers, we have researched and created more and more high-quality products with self-contained process manufacturing. To have a stable and green material sources, we have invested 100 hectares of an agriculture farm in Long An, Tien Giang, Buon Me Thuoc and Ca Mau province. Huong Thanh Company hopes that it will continue to serve customers with outstanding quality products. It is gratitude to the customers of the company. The company has produced many kinds of products: pure noni juice, honey noni juice, noni powder, noni tea, noni pill, and noni soap. They have won many honors qualification that the Vietnamese government has granted, trusted by domestic and foreign customers. If anyone discusses about noni plant, people think of Huong Thanh company immediately. Our motto: Always respond to customers Dare to do new, always advance products Responsible for products made for the environment and society


Product Information

Noni juice, noni pills, noni tea, noni soap, noni powder

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