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CEO name: Namho Kim

Phone number: +82 10-8858-9947

Email: potsm@naver.com

Webpage: https://cozyfeet.kr/

Company Information

A lifestyle footwear brand that produces functional shoes such as walking posture correction shoes and functional slippers to relieve foot fatigue.

Product Information

– Product composition: product + box + shoehorn + extra shoelaces
– Special advantage: shoes weigh less than 4 eggs
– Customer benefits: Gait posture correction pad tilted at a golden angle of 13 degrees

– Product composition: product + box
– Customer benefits:
(1) Foot fatigue improvement functional slippers based on scientific data
(2) Functionality that can be implemented painlessly with a comfortable fit
(3) Functional slippers that have been tested biomechanically by state agencies

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