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CEO name: Kim Kwang Jae

Phone Number: +82-10-8946-1924

Email: whwlstmd@hlblnh.com

Webpage: www.elishacoy.com


Company Information

Mission: Human Life Better
Vision: A beauty company in everyone’s pocket
Slogan: Make sure to catch one guy. Skin trouble killer


Product Information

Kombucha Gyeol-Biome Mist
-Contains Kombucha Extracts fermented for 506 hours
Instead of purified water, it contains Kombucha Extracts including Saccharomyces, Xylinum, and black tea ferment obtained after fermenting Black Tea in clean Jeju island for 506 hours thus it helps maintain your skin healthy. The patented extraction technology, Natural Low Tem was applied to ferment those extracts.

-Contains beneficial ingredients to improve skin texture
GYEOL-BIOME, which smoothens your skin texture, is called ‘GYEOL’ in Korea. Thanks to Synbiotics that is combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics, it maintains healthy pH balance in your skin.

– Contains 9 Amino Acid Complexto provide moisture into skin


Tetraforce Cice Peeling Toner Pad
– Skip-care with one sheet
A weakly acidic vegan formula composed of vegetable ingredients is impregnated into the fabric to deliver a simple feeling of use. In addition, it is a 100% pure cotton vegan double fabric that removes waste from the skin, and the flat surface gently cleanses the skin’s texture to help improve skin condition.

– PHA + 8 types of hyaluronic acid combine to smooth dead skin cells
Although the hypoallergenic PHA ingredient is mild, it quickly absorbs eight types of hyaluronic acid, which helps to remove dead skin cells and provides immediate moisture, improving skin texture.

-Contains Tetraforce to soothe irritated skin
It helps to calm irritated skin with a complex ingredient, which means the four Tetra-force of
nature derived from four ingredients: green tea, bottle grass, medicinal buckwheat, and tea tree extract.

-Moisturizing without stickiness! Available for acne skin!
It removes oil and sebum to deliver a clean and moist finish. This product has been proven
through clinical institutions and is suitable for use in acne prone skin.


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