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CEO name: Ko Dong Myung

Phone Number: 070-4245-4890

Email: export@hnbclub.co.kr

Webpage: https://hnbclub.co.kr/


Company Information

Our goal is to create products that have perfectly balanced nutrients and taste, as well as the convenience of easy consumption at any time. We always listen to and communicate with the requests of consumers who are sensitive to trends, and are launching a variety of weight control foods and convenience foods.


Product Information

All-In-One Multi Shake_Macadamia / Cinnamon pecan

A protein supplement shake that can replace meals and supplement protein, featuring premium taste, nutrition, and convenience.
* Certification: Certified as a dietary supplement for weight management purposes.
* Convenient Format: Packaged in single-serving pouches for easy portability and usage.
* Balanced Ingredients: Emphasizes a balance of high-protein content and essential nutrients.
* Meal Replacement: Serves as a protein supplement shake that can replace or complement meals, featuring a premium taste.


Red Diet Lemon Flavor

Infused with triple-functional green coffee bean for fat reduction and enriched with Vitamin B1 and Pantothenic Acid for an energy boost.
* Benefits: Weight loss, reduction in BMI, decrease in body fat percentage, and waist circumference reduction.
* Contains Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin B1 to support energy metabolism.
* Enhances the taste of conventional diet water by eliminating the blandness and incorporating a refreshing lemonade flavor.


7Minutes Bubble Spa Mask

A mask sheet that provides 7 effects with just one use.
* Characterized by abundant bubbles, the foam rising from the sheet does not flow down.
* With just one use, experience seven effects including moisturizing, brightening, exfoliating, soothing, and reducing skin temperature.
* Removing harmful ingredients for the respiratory system and using premium-grade materials, it is safe for use by pregnant and nursing mothers.
* Utilizing bamboo fiber sheets certified as vegan-friendly, the sheet contracts, providing lifting and tightening effects.


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