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Phone Number: +82-64-729-1950

Email: sales@hallasan.co.kr

Webpage: http:///www.instagram.com/hallasansoju_global/


Company Information

Founded in 1950, Hallasan has emerged as a leading soju company representing Jeju, garnering the affection of consumers both domestically and internationally for over half a century. As the history of Hallasan narrates, we have seamlessly carried on the legacy through four generations, dedicated to the singular pursuit of crafting exceptional liquor and adhering to a business philosophy.


Product Information

Hallasan Fruity Flavor SOJU

This is a soju product with five different fruit flavors, allowing you to experience the refreshing taste unique to each fruit. It is a soju that can be enjoyed lightly without feeling burdened.


Hallasan Zero

In response to the changing consumer trend emphasizing health, this soju is a ‘Zero Sugar’ product. It incorporates ‘Jeju Barley’ distilled extract to provide a light taste and a clean finish that aligns with health-conscious consumption.


Hallasan Original

As a best-selling product of Hallasan Co., Ltd., this soju boasts a refreshing taste by adding ‘Jeju Island rice’ distillate, and when consumed at room temperature, it offers an even deeper and richer flavor experience.


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