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Company Information

Haeyeareum Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that has been producing premium Sea Salt for 16 years since its establishment in 2009. The five-year-old Sea Salt is being manufactured in Docho Island Salt Field, located in Shinan County, Jeollanam-do, within a UNESCO-designated biological conservation area. We aim to promote the excellence of Korea’s Sea Salt by developing a diverse range of flavors and attributes, thus embracing diversity. Through our proprietary manufacturing processes and more, we produce competitively priced items that highlight strong price competitiveness.


Product Information

Premium Flavor Sea Salt LO(Stick Pouch/Grinder)

It is a five-year-old sea salt produced in clean waters, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, top-notch truffles from Italy, and a flavored sea salt made from Korean specialties. HRTSALT’s patented technology enhances the original flavor of raw materials and is a healthy salt that halves sodium. Compared to the ‘Guerande Salt’, the levels of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium are significantly higher. All flavored sea salt products are 100% biochemistry-free, pigment-free, and chemical-free, so you can eat them with confidence. In addition, it is helpful for a low-salt diet as it contains less sodium and is rich in minerals compared to commercial sea salt. There are two types, 5g stick pouch and grinder, so you can choose according to your taste. Stick pouch is portable and suitable for camping and traveling, and the grinder can be replaced on the spot, so you can always enjoy the best flavor.

Truffle and Black garlic sea salt go well with meat dishes, while Citrus sea salt pairs nicely with fish dishes. Blueberry and Raspberry sea salt can be enjoyed with lattes, bakeries, and desserts. Various other flavors of sea salt can be enjoyed with various dishes according to your taste.


Sprinkle Sprinkle KIMCHI(MILD / SPICY)

It is Kimchi Furikake made with 5 years of aging sea salt and 100% Korean cabbage. It is a product that can be easily solved in one meal with the capacity of one packet. It can be easily eaten by mixing it with rice, and can be used in a variety of dishes such as stir-frying and roasting. It can be used as seasoning for meat dishes, as a substitute for red pepper powder when the spicy taste is insufficient, and you can enjoy the “Korean taste” easily and quickly. It is a product that can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages, and you can enjoy the taste of “Kimchi” easily and quickly.


Marinated Crab Meat Can(Soy souce, Spicy)

5-Year Aged Sea Salt and Fresh Korean Crab Boneless Marinated Crab. It is made with a secret sauce and can be easily stored and distributed in a canned format. Since it is boneless, you can enjoy delicious marinated crab easily by opening the can.

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