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Phone Number: 010-8335-3536

Email: cankimi@naver.com

Webpage: http://www.gstk.co.kr

Company Information

[GS-TK CO.,LTD] is a specialized company in the production of crispy seaweed and various seaweed products. We manufacture high-quality crispy seaweed and a wide range of seaweed products to supply both domestic and international markets. Our products are known for their excellent taste and nutritional value, and they are loved by diverse consumer groups.

Product Information


-This high quality dried laver is made of original seaweed which taste the best (harvested between November and January), the healthiest salt, and the most fresh oil.
-We follow strict rules of removing three elements: Synthetic preservative, synthetic taste enhancer, synthetic color additive
-We offer excellent crunchiness through our unique high-temperature roasting technology.
– Eco-Friendly Laver from Clean Zone
• HACCP Certification • Fssc22000 Certificate


-Carefully-chosen wild laver grown in the Clean Zone of Western Sea used as it is rich in minerals
-Flavor of wild laver flakes gets enhanced and more tantalizing by roasting them twice with sesame oil.
– You can utilize the flakes in diverse meals such as side dishes, rice balls, bibimbab and stir-fry rice when you have lost appetite and want new, tantalizing flavor.
– Eco-Friendly Laver from Clean Zone
• HACCP Certification • Fssc22000 Certificate /• Halal Food

Seasoned pollack with raw pollack(200g,500g)

Sweet and sour.
Light yet chewy pollack salad!
After selecting fresh pollack and carefully removing the intestines, bones, and skin,
It is 100% carefully cut by hand and salted with a very small amount of salt.
After washing, it is seasoned with seasoning developed by ‘Farm & Matjjang’ and then produced through two days of refrigerated aging.
We produce and sell delicious and healthy pollack processed foods that are popular with our customers in HACCP-certified facilities.



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