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CEO name: rose choi

Phone Number: 070 4923 0075

Email: rosehoa@kita.net


Company Information

Corporate growth is possible only with the community, the country, and the global society which the company belongs to. The profit of any enterprise should be the share of its employees who contributed to the benefit of society and the enterprise, not of the small number of owners. GMR Korea strives to be an enterprise that can contribute to society at all times.


Product Information

Flavorful glutinous rice kelp bugak

Handmade bugak made the old-fashioned way, with the taste of mother’s cooking, using local raw kelp and local whole glutinous rice.
-Made with high-quality sunflower oil, it has a nutty and clean taste.
-Possible to enjoy fresh products for a long time coz of the zipper bag and large-capacity oxygen absorber and moisture absorbent (for food).
– Uses natural ingredients without preservatives, colorants, and chemical seasonings.


TERRA x LIMSIL cheese squid

Cheese squid made in collaboration with two brands: Imsil Cheese, the original Korean cheese, and Clean Lager TERRA
You can separate the layers of squid and cheese and feel the unique taste of each ingredient.
The deep flavor of roasted squid and the soft texture of cheese make this a nutritious snack that is loved by both men and women.
Individually wrapped and hygienic, can be stored at room temperature, and can be enjoyed in one bite anytime, anywhere.


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