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CEO name: Jaeho Lee

Phone Number: 02-6959-8454

Email: info@giantkorea.kr

Webpage: http://www.cosmood.co.kr


Company Information

Giant Korea Co., Ltd., established in 2018, is an innovative OEM and ODM manufacturing specialist in the cosmetic industry. With our advanced technology and continuous research and development (R&D), we have established a differentiated competitive edge, especially in the fields of basic skincare and anti-hair loss shampoos.


Product Information

COSMöD:LAB Exsolute Shampoo

COSMöD:LAB Exsolute Shampoo is a functional shampoo that helps alleviate symptoms of hair loss, featuring a plant-based hemp exosome composition (Patent No. 10-2626142) processed from domestic hemp exosomes extracted by Neocannbio, a technology-invested company of KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology). It contains biotin, panthenol, saw palmetto berry extract, and eight types of plant extracts to help with root and scalp health.


COSMöD:LAB Exsolute Treatment

COSMöD:LAB Exsolute Treatment contains plant-based hemp exosomes, jojoba seed oil, camellia oil, and murumuru butter, developed by Giant Korea, a technology-invested company of KIST. It protects and restores hair from UV and heat damage. COSMöD:LAB Exsolute Treatment reduces color fading, enhances shine and tensile strength, leading to healthy and vibrant hair.

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