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Phone Number: 02-2264-9030

Email: germado@naver.com

Webpage: https://www.germado.or.kr/


Company Information

Geomado Co., Ltd. is a children’s consumer goods company that sells only products that care about the environment and future generations. My Earth day, a children’s organic cosmetics brand, is a children’s brand chosen by meticulous mothers in Korea.


Product Information

Pure Calming Sun Cushion

It’s a triple defensive sun cushion that doesn’t hurt even if it gets into your eyes.
15g / 0age~
SPF 44 / pa++++
Full blocking of UVA and UVB enables up to 14 hours of UV protection.
Eye free inorganic sun product
100% inorganic sun care product, no eye-catching and no objection from children.
Convenient anytime, anywhere
Cooling, soothing and protection without dryness and whitening of the weapon’s unique face.
Eco friendly certified puff
Antibacterial, anti-bacterial, functional fabric used safely and hygienically from germs


Polar Bear Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent for family
50ml / 6 months ~
Strong defense from children to adults
MyEarthday Polar Bear mosquito repellent is certified by KFDA, that can be used on children and adults from mosquito and ticks
Safe ingredient-Icardin, Strong repelling effect
It is a safe ingredient that recommended by WHO, CDC, and EPA, and it is effective in repelling from mosquito and ticks
Fresh lemon scent
It has a refreshing lemon scent and can be used easily
Easy carry
Travel essentials by easy store and carry


Moisturizing Lotion

Sensitive skin, hypoallergenic soothing lotion that helps moisturize and calm down
150ml / 0age~
Contains green tea water instead of purified water
Moisturizing power that does not dry even on dry skin due to its high moisture content of green tea water.
Strengthen skin barriers with Ceramide
Helps keep skin barriers strong and healthy for children who are not finished
Patent Complex – Natural Ingredients from Forest
MultiEx BSASm Plus 7 extracts to reduce irritation and itching and excellent skin calming.
Good ingredients that you can trust and use

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