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CEO name: Yerin Kim

Phone Number: 010-8607-9535

Email: ez_formula_@naver.com

Webpage: https://ezformula.co.kr/


Company Information

We are a clean beauty brand dedicated to developing the potent beauty formula that not only enhance the vitality of your skin, but also contribute to the health of our planet by creating eco-friendly packaging through advanced research and technology. We are committed to revitalizing both your skin and the Earth we live on.


Product Information

eZ.FORMULA Real Collagen SET

eZ.FORMULA Real Collagen SET is the first product in South Korea to receive vegan certification for a Type1 human-like collagen line, containing 380 Dalton ultra-low molecular weight collagen. This SET provides wrinkle-lifting, skin-soothing, and skin radiance with just one use. Moreover, its eco-friendly packaging is designed to protect the planet and its forests.


Apian Virgin Snow SET

Apian Virgin Snow SET is a fantastic combination of Type1 human-like collagen and Vitamin C, designed to give you dewy, glowing skin. With this set, you can instantly experience anti-aging and brightening effects, which are among the top priorities for women. Additionally, the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C help prevent skin aging.


Matrigen SS Collagen Reverse Volume Pack

Matrigen SS Collagen Reverse Volume Pack is a Type1 human-like collagen peel-off pack that instantly gives the skin a radiant glow. It uses exosomes and Vitamin K to improve skin density and simultaneously reduce dark circles. With this pack, you can experience the dramatic difference in aesthetic treatments right at home.


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