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Phone Number: +82-2-6941-3371

Email: help@ehfoodwell.com

Webpage: https://www.eunhafoodwell.com/


Company Information

As a seasoning/sauce company established in 1978, we produces liquid sauce, vacuum drying (V/D) and spray drying (S/D) powders, flavors, and can produce bulk products as well as small packaging products of dry ingredients/powder and various liquid products. We will also release our own national brand products using our raw material products.


Product Information

Crispy chicken crackling with Sweet Chili Flavor

A snack made from chicken skin, fried to perfection using a clean manufacturing process and a patented frying method. The “Sweet Chili Flavor Seasoning” creates an addictive taste and texture that makes it hard to stop once you start.


Seasoned seaweed with KImchi Flavor Seasoning

Seaweed harvested from the pristine regions of Korea, baked twice at the optimal temperature to achieve a crispy and savory taste. The addition of kimchi seasoning brings out the unique, authentic flavor of Korean kimchi.


Oil free Brown rice chip wth Hot Spicy Seasoning

The first healthy snack in Korea using a hot roasting method, made with 99.7% brown rice and 0.3% sea salt. This method involves puffing the grains with hot air, cooking them quickly without oil, resulting in a savory and light taste. It’s low-fat, low-calorie, and low-sodium due to the absence of frying. The spicy seasoning adds an extra kick, making it an enjoyable snack.

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