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CEO name: 강용수

Webpage: http://www.eugene-biotech.com


Company Information

EUGENE BIOTECH CO., LTD, affiliated with a Korean university, specializes in developing and distributing functional foods and skincare products. Our brand, “eu.mei,” features products formulated with our proprietary technology using wheat germ extract known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Product Information

eu.mei Collagen Skin Care Set

1. Balance oil and moisture levels for healthier skin.
2. Instantly hydrate and revitalize dry skin.
3. Rapid absorption of moisture-rich ingredients for smooth, supple skin.
4. Hypoallergenic and acne skin tests ensure gentle care for sensitive skin.
5. Enriched with collagen, wheat germ extract, and propolis for vibrant, clear, and moisturized skin.
6. Clear, transparent formula applies smoothly without synthetic pigments.
7.NMPA, NRPA, EAC, Pmda certifications obtained successfully.


eu.mei Daily Cleanser

1. Gentle rich bubbles thoroughly cleanse makeup residue and pores, leaving skin moisturized post-cleansing.
2. Natural ingredients effectively remove skin impurities while maintaining moisture.
3. Aid in absorbing and eliminating dead skin cells to maintain water-oil balance.
4. Wheat germ extract: Extracted using proprietary technology (Patent no. 10-1281920).
5. Infused with ‘Mineral water’ for post-cleansing hydration boost.
6.NMPA, NRPA, EAC, Pmda, DAV certifications obtained successfully.


eu.mei Green Tomato Ampoule

1. Astaxanthin, Retinol, Green Tomato Essence: Antioxidant-rich ingredients for anti-aging and pore repair.
2. Boost Collagen Regeneration: Promotes collagen regeneration for skin pore improvement.
3. Fight Wrinkles: Eliminates free radicals to diminish wrinkles.
4. Brighten Skin Tone: Antioxidants improve dull skin tone.

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