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CEO name: Kang choongsik

Phone Number: 1029491275

Email: titil999@hanmail.net

Webpage: 경남 창원시 성산구 창이대로492번길 15 (용호동) 이랑비랑 한약국


Company Information

erangbrang is a premium health food company that researches, develops, and produces ginseng and traditional drinks that were handed down from the Korean royal family in a modern way by experts.


Product Information

korean honey ginseng latte

“Korean honey ginseng latte” is a new product launched by erangbrang.
It is a product with real ginseng and honey in a capsule.
It is a food developed by a professional pharmacist of ginseng and is a product with real ginseng and 100% honey.
It is a product that is mixed with milk and water.
It’s a healthy food that anyone can enjoy.
It is certified by the Hamdan Dynasty in Dubai.



It is a non-alcoholic wine that reinterprets French vin-chaud in a Korean way. You can enjoy the richness of wine by making vin-chaud techniques, not just alcohol-removed wine.

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