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Phone Number: +82 70 5101 2420

Email: epupolis@naver.com

Webpage: http://epupolis.com


Company Information

EPU is a social enterprise established based on interest and passion for the environment, social values, and sustainable management.
EPU’s brand concept is “Sustainable growth for the environment and society.” To materialize this, EPU seeks to convey the following values ​​and messages:

Environmental protection and sustainable development
EPU attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, EPU’s products and services are provided in an environmentally friendly and sustainable form. Additionally, EPU is making various efforts to protect the environment.

Creating Social Value
EPU seeks to create social value. To this end, EPU works with socially disadvantaged people and promotes various projects that solve social problems. In addition, EPU pursues sustainable growth through these efforts, thereby creating social value.

Open communication and cooperation
EPU values ​​open communication and cooperation. Therefore, EPU seeks to communicate with various stakeholders and work together to create a better society and future.

Based on these values ​​and messages, EPU seeks to convey the brand concept of “sustainable growth for the environment and society.” EPU’s products and services are provided based on concern and responsibility for the environment and society, through which we aim to create sustainable growth and social value.


Product Information 

A must-have for travel, camping, and business trips.
A high-performance shower that is small and easily portable.
The built-in 5-layer filter removes lime, residual chlorine, rust, and foreign substances in tap water, allowing you to use clean water.


An external shower filter that can be used as is in an existing shower without replacing the shower.
The inside gel is made up of vitamin C, glycerol, milk powder, and aroma oil, and all additives are edible grade and harmless to the human body.
In addition, the 6 different scents of subtle aroma oil make you feel better every time you shower, and vitamin C neutralizes residual chlorine and lime in tap water, so you can shower with purified water.

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