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Company Information

The 33-year-old JANGSOO INDUSTRY is introducing new products in the fields of beauty and diet. Stem cell ampoules extracted from human cord blood will revolutionize your skin.


Product Information

Epfora EGL Ampoule

► 50,000 ppm ampoule of NK stem cell culture derived from human cord blood
► The use of patented black therapy products of black yeast fermented filtrate
►Created by zero gravity culture technology developed by NASA

► Easy to carry with individual packaging for one-time use


Jangsoo Healthcare LED abdomen diet belt

► Abdominal massager using EMS+LED near-infrared + far-infrared rays
► Ultra-slim design provides tightness and comfortable fit
► Semi-permanent EMS version, not replaceable gel pad method
► Unlike existing EMS products, near-infrared and far-infrared thermal functions are added to reduce belly fat (UP)



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